About Us

Day by day you work hard and certainly experiencing fatigue and boredom. You definitely want to take the time to escape from the routines, but you don’t know where to go, it was such a painful situation for you.

You are not alone, many people around you who experienced it. Because you are too busy with the business which is endless and always accumulate, that you can’t plan what you will do to hang out at the end of the week, either alone with friends or even with family.

In fact, many events are remarkable happening around you every single day. You just don’t know the information about the event. Most of the information you get about the events that will happen only through conversations with your friends or from the local newspaper that you buy, but can you guarantee to be able to see the information in the local newspaper entirely? Or, perhaps through social media, you can see the big number of events be held, but you will be faced with difficult to choose what works with your intention. This problem what makes you unable to get the information about the events that will happen in detail.

Many people say that they just realized about events that they are really want to go after it ended and saw the news about the event on the television. Surely, they regretted, “Arghhh, Why I didn’t know this show before?”. Does it also happen to you?

SignedEvents, we’re your reliable personal assistant in the search for events that you dream about. We come to you to provide complete information about the upcoming spectacular events around you even in the whole world. You can search and browse each event in detail, such as the description of the event, time, address, and even a map of the location which makes it easy to find the place.

You can access SignedEvents.net anytime and anywhere. All you need is a gadget (which can be sure by now everyone has it) and a connection to the internet on your hand. You can access hundreds of thousands, even millions of events that we have collected from around the earth.

When you go out of a town for business or pleasure, and you don’t know what the exciting events that will be held in your destination city or maybe you are traveling abroad or even to other continents that you’re completely blind to the local information. You can easily access SignedEvents.net and find events that you think are interesting, complete with the location on the map, so you don’t need to be afraid to get lost on the way to the venue.

SignedEvents prioritize user experience. We always try to give our best for you. Starting with a friendly navigation and search features that won’t spend all of your time just to find an event.

You can search and find events that you think are interesting on our site with the search box, you just write the keyword that comes to your mind and click the magnifier button beside it and the events will be presented in front of you. So easy, right?

Another way you can use is to search using categories feature. You only need to select the category you want, and the list of events around the world who fit into the category of your choice will be presented to you. You can also use search events by country and the city in it.

Ease of browsing and finding your dream events is our top priority. Because we believe you deserve to get an unforgettable experience while attending an event of your dreams, and we were there to give it all to you.